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The Adelaide Dragons will be hoping to improve from their 2018 season. With excellent draft picks available to them in 2019, Adelaide have boosted their rooster.

Number 1 draft pick Di Worman joins returning 2018 players Michaela Dunmall and Sally Yu. Kim Spragg joins from the Canberra Freeze and new players Amanda Fung and Sarah Lee complete the roster. This group of athletes has an excellent mix of experience, great throwers, and fast athletes.

Lachlan Mcdonald and Sean Davis are back in the orange after good 2018 seasons. Tom Dellar brings with him a welcomed X-Factor from the Melbourne Flames. Michael Kelly and New Zealand players Aaron Neal and Lauchlan Robertson will all be looking to make their mark in the 2019 season.

With a tall team and strong, experienced throwers, expect a strong long game from the Dragons.

Coached by local Jonathan Warren-White, and Anna Rogacki, this team is sure to generate highlights and turn some heads in the AUL.

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