Brisbane Breakers

Brisbane Breakers


Sandra Poon & Lee Baker


Ash Martens
Bekah Zeigman
Calan Spielman
Dom Simpson
John McNaughton
Kathryn Smith
Liam Grimmond
Lyra Meehan
Myles McCallum
Thomas Vo

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The AUL is a unique chance to see Ultimate in a format that celebrates the best parts of our amazing sport. With an equal gender split, a focus on Spirit of the Game, and no referees, the AUL will showcase the skills and athleticism of the best talent in the country. This is an opportunity to create sporting heroes for the next generation of Ultimate players, and to share the sport we love with our family, friends, and colleagues.

The AUL is not for profit. It is being run by volunteers who are dedicating hundreds of hours to getting it off the ground, and we need the support of the entire Ultimate community to make it a success!

We need YOU to get behind your local team and sign up to become a member today!

All games during the league will be streamed to the general public so that everyone can enjoy the inaugural season. As a member, you will also be able to access various other perks through a range of membership options, and will most importantly be supporting the league and the values that are so important to our community.

There will be prizes given to the teams with the most members at various times throughout the season.