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The Melbourne Flames are one of the favourites in the league. They have a hot mix of speed and experience, and expect to see them blast through the competition.

The Flames features players almost exclusively from Melbourne, resulting in a team with a terrific team chemistry. All but one of the women are teammates at Melbourne Ellipsis, the 3-time national champions at the Australian Ultimate Championships. These athletes are lethal both around the disc and down field, and will be very difficult for their opponents to stop. The male athletes on the Flames features powerful throwers, and these will be dangerous in the 6v6 format. The Heads of State connection here will be very important to the success of the team, with all but one playing for the Melbourne club.

Coaches Greta Murdoch and Cheok Funn Lee have put together a great almost all-Victorian team. The Flames have the speed and throws to trouble any team and are sure go well in the league.

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