The 2019 AUL Draft is OPEN.

This is your opportunity to play in the 2019 AUL season. There are 25 spots up for grabs, 13 for women and 12 for men.

The core teams have just been finalised and will be announced soon. If you have not been asked to play on a team yet, it means you will have to apply for the 2019 AUL Draft in order to be considered for a 2019 AUL team.

Here are the important things to know:

  • The regular season matches will be played in Melbourne over the June 1st-2nd weekend. The final will be played in Sydney over the October 12th-13th weekend. You must be available to attend both weekends.
  • All* players are eligible and welcome to apply.
  • Applications for the draft will be accepted up until midnight on Sunday 10 March 2019 (AEST).
  • If you are selected by a team in the draft, you must play for that team. If you pull out of the 2019 AUL Draft after you are selected by an AUL team, you will not be eligible to play in the 2019 AUL season or in the 2020 AUL season (unless under exceptional circumstances).
  • The full list of draft nominees will be posted online prior to the 2019 AUL Draft.
  • In our first season we were able to cover all players/coaches flights and uniforms. We are aiming to do this again in 2019.
* International players (people not living in Australia) are encouraged to apply, however, if selected you will only be reimbursed for your expenses equal to a player from Australia.

Draft Order

The 2019 AUL Draft pick order (below) is based on the final placings from the 2018 AUL season.


  1. Adelaide Dragons
  2. Perth Power
  3. Perth Power
  4. Canberra Freeze
  5. Brisbane Breakers
  6. Sydney Suns
  7. Melbourne Flames
  8. Adelaide Dragons
  9. Perth Power
  10. Canberra Freeze
  11. Brisbane Breakers
  12. Sydney Suns
  13. Melbourne Flames


  1. Adelaide Dragons
  2. Perth Power
  3. Canberra Freeze
  4. Brisbane Breakers
  5. Sydney Suns
  6. Melbourne Flames
  7. Adelaide Dragons
  8. Perth Power
  9. Canberra Freeze
  10. Brisbane Breakers
  11. Sydney Suns
  12. Melbourne Flames

* All teams were given the option to either ‘receive an extra draft pick in the first round’, or ‘retain an additional player from their 2018 team’. This is why some teams have three draft picks, whilst others have two.

Draft Closed