The Australian Ultimate League has enjoyed a stellar two seasons and is getting ready for some big changes in 2020.

We want to offer you the chance to be involved!

With the growth of the league, the AUL no longer has the capacity to manage individual teams or continue in its current funding structure. Instead, the league will be moving to a franchise model for 2020 onwards, giving clubs and individuals more ownership over their local AUL team.

The franchise model will allow prospective franchisees to purchase a license to participate in the Australian Ultimate League. The license fee will be A$10,000 (for Australian domestic teams). Franchisees may either bid for an existing team license (Adelaide Dragons, Brisbane Breakers, Canberra Freeze, Melbourne Flames, Sydney Suns, Perth Power), or may bid for a new license. If existing team licenses are not purchased, these teams may no longer participate in the league.

Initially, we are seeking expressions of interest only. Interested parties will then be provided with a detailed term sheet outlining the proposed terms of the franchise agreement.

Official licence bids must be submitted by December 6th, so complete the EOI form below ASAP to receive the detailed term sheet. Non-Australian based teams may also submit an EOI as the 2020 AUL is also open to non-Australian teams who will be chosen at the discretion of the AUL executive.

Got some questions? For further information you can contact the team here.


AUL Executive

Team Franchise Expression of Interest