One Match. Two Teams. Three sets. Four Championship Points.

The Australian Ultimate League 2019 promises to be bolder and more entertaining than ever in its brand-spanking new format.

 “We are continuously looking for ways to showcase Ultimate and to make it more exciting. Six athletes instead of seven was just the beginning,” said Matthew Hill, a founding executive of the AUL. “The 20-minute second half format to complete the semi-finals of the World Ultimate Club Championships 2018 sparked the idea for this new format. Why not break-up the usual game and make every moment count?”

The AUL will retain its round-robin format, where each of the Adelaide Dragons, Brisbane Breakers, Canberra Freeze, Melbourne Flames, Perth Power and Sydney Suns will face off against each other in matches over the course of five rounds.

However this year, a game will consist of three, 20-minute sets. At the end of each set, the team that has scored the most goals is awarded one Championship Point. The team that wins two or more sets in a game will be awarded an additional Championship Point. The maximum number of Championship Points available per game is four and a clean sweep would see a team top the ladder with a maximum of twenty Championship Points. The top two teams based on Championship Points at the end of the round-robin series will progress to the AUL Final.

Matthew is excited for the entertainment potential of this new format.

“This is the season of the handy point – you never know how taking off one Championship Point from a team will play out later on the ladder,” according to Matthew, “Every team will be fighting to the end even if they are two sets down. It is essentially three games in one.”

Load up on the popcorn, re-holster your couch and strap yourselves in because every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the next five weeks, you will be hanging on to the edge of your seats until the very last moment.

 The first round of the AUL begins on 22 August 2019 and is free to watch.