The AUL is back for another season and you’re in it.

You may not have made a team, or snagged a sweet coaching gig, but you are in it as a fan.

I want to reframe that audible sigh you just made when you read “fan” and thought “oh boy, just another ploy to get me to make a fantasy team”.

Our sport isn’t watched by an astronomical numbers of viewers, yet. Athletic grabs and intricate throws aren’t met with stadium vibrating applause. That amazing poach block you got at AMUC a few seasons back is probably only remembered in your head (dependent on the throwers insecurity, theirs too). You, this season, are in a very real position to change that.

You can affect the future of this sport, literally from your bedroom.

Your acts of promoting the league, giving it as much publicity as possible will actually make a difference. That highlight video you share on facebook won’t get lost into a void of millions of shares, it will stand out proud in your friends newsfeed as the only ultimate highlight video they see all day.

This sport needs viewership in order to grow. In order for more camera angles to appear, in order for you to play in a league without having to pay for flights, in order for you to become a professional ultimate player one day, we need there to be fans. Ultimate fans.

I put forward a challenge to each fan this season. I challenge you to, when you’re hit with a decision to be or not to be the ultimate fan, do it. Know that letting out your inner fan can directly benefit this sport in a way you can’t affect any other. Know that you pushing through that little social barrier of embarrassment or indecision is you nudging the sport into the limelight we all know It can shine in.

People outside of the ultimate community may have never heard of the AUL. In Fact, I’m willing to say they probably haven’t heard of Ultimate at all. You have the opportunity this year to share with people a sellable product that is the AUL. You can point at it and yell things like “It’s gender equitable! It’s athletic! Its Fast! You should Watch It!”.

You’re not one in a billion in the context of the AUL. Your voice as a fan matters, and will make a real difference. Send that link ! Share the facebook stream! Paint your face! Comment on videos! Buy a jersey! Make the best fantasy team! Make your family watch a game! Make them watch it again! Be the fan you want to see in this sport and watch it grow each season because of you.

You’ve been drafted this season.
You in?

Written by Nic Lelli