Two coaches have been poached by rival clubs whilst two Dingo coaches take charge of an AUL team for the first time.

In what is huge news for the Australian Ultimate League, Anna Rogacki, coach of the reigning premiers Melbourne Flames, has teamed up with 2018 Dragons player Jonathon Warren-White to lead the Adelaide team in 2019. The gap in the Flames coaching lineup will be filled with the most capped Australian coach Greta Murdoch, who is fresh off leading the Aussie Goannas to victory at New Zealand Nationals.

This is what Greta had to say when asked about her approach to coaching in the AUL:

“Peak performance can only be achieved by a team whose athletes are fully physically and mentally prepared and respected for their strengths and contributions. For us, coaching the whole athlete is going to be integral to the Flames performance as we defend the AUL title in 2019.”

Yew Eng Ng has also jumped ship and is heading north to take charge of the Brisbane Breakers with Tam Davis (who the AUL Womens MVP is named after). The Canberra Freeze have welcomed in two new faces to the AUL coaching ranks with Lorna Barr and Pete Hemphill taking the reigns. Whilst new to the AUL, both have many years of ultimate experience and will look to use their knowledge to climb the ladder in the upcoming season.

Kylie O’Brien and Max Halden have remained with the Sydney Suns and Perth Power, and will be joined by Owen Shepherd and Viv Yuen respectively.

See the coaches bios below.


Adelaide Dragons LogoAnna Rogacki
Anna is a coaching legend with an impressive domestic and international record. Not only did she coach the Melbourne Flames to victory in the inaugural AUL 2018 season, but she is the current coach of the 2019/2020 Australian Women’s team. She has previously coached the Australian Mixed team (2016 – Silver), Australian World Games team (2013 – Silver) and Australian U23 Women’s team (2010 – Gold). Anna believes in the quiet demand of personal and team excellence and an elite environment such as the AUL is a place she thrives in.

Jonathon Warren-White
Jonathon brings his previous experience as an AUL 2018 player to the Adelaide Dragons as coach of a very athletic and exciting roster with big plays to be expected. Jonathon is currently coaching Outbreak Apocalypse (South Australia) and is the previous head coach of the South Australia U22 Men’s team.

Brisbane Breakers LogoTam Davis
Tamara has almost two decades of experience coaching and/or captaining high level Ultimate teams including Worlds-level Australian teams. She loves the trail-blazing nature of the AUL and its gender-balanced format. Her coaching philosophy is to build a high-performance team that can play with spirit, joy and confidence.

Yew Eng Ng
Yewy most recently coached the Sydney Suns to the AUL 2018 grand final and previously coached two U24 Australian teams to medal finishes. He expects that his AUL 2019 team will bring wild plays from even wilder players based on his “move fast, break things and see who’s the best” ethos. For Yewy,  AUL is Christmas for an Ultimate coach – it is an entirely new format, new structure and new teams. What’s not to be excited about?

Canberra Freeze logoLorna Barr
Lorna is incredibly excited to be part of an elite league that brings high level female and male athletes together. Her goal is to coach Canberra Freeze to its full potential as a versatile team that will adapt quickly to on-field challenges. Lorna has previously coached the Australia National University Womens team and ACT U22 Women’s team.

Pete Hemphill
Pete is excited to showcase the best of the game with Canberra Freeze with fearless offence and athleticism on defence. He believes that coaching is about helping to create an environment where a team can find its own identity. Pete has previously coached the Australian Women’s Masters team (2016), Australian Men’s team 2012) and Fyshwick United.

Melbourne Flames LogoGreta Murdoch
With over 10 years experience, Greta has coached teams from high school to elite in both mixed and single gender divisions. Greta is excited to work in a new team, coaching in a new format, with a team of elite athletes that ‘walk the talk’ of visible and genuine gender equity. Currently Greta coaches the Ballarat Men’s team, and both the U24 and Open Australian mens teams.

Cheok Lee
Cheok has returned as a Melbourne Flames coach for the 2019 season to defend the 2018 AUL title of the Melbourne Flames. He is a proponent of diversity (inherent and acquired) in sport and the workplace, and is proud to be participating in a league which embodies this and seeks to promote gender equity in Ultimate. You can expect him to bring his learnings from last season as well as new ideas in collaboration with Greta to drive the Flames to produce a disciplined yet exciting playstyle. He has previously coached at the domestic and international levels including the Australian and Victorian U22 Women’s teams and for a Melbourne-based club, Ellipsis Ultimate.

Perth Power LogoViv Yuen
Viv is excited for her debut participation in the AUL 2019, stemming from the excitement of Perth Power players who love ultimate and cannot wait to compete at this elite mixed format. She expects Perth Power to exhibit excellent technical and athletic skills and for players to be respectful and spirited.  Viv is the current coach of a Sydney Mens team, Bench Ultimate.

Max Halden
Max is proud to be coaching Perth Power again after the debut AUL 2018 season. He believes in the league and it’s focus on showcasing women and men equally, playing elite not-your-grandma’s Mixed and shining a spotlight on exciting athletes from across the nation. Max will bring his mixed coaching experience, most recently as head coach of the Australia Mixed U24 team, to Perth Power and expects the team to deliver on the values of the league, to play great mixed, in a dynamic way, that could shatter the #eastcoastbias and make Perth fans, wherever they live, proud.

Sydney Suns LogoKyle O’Brien
Kylie returns as Sydney Suns coach for the 2019 AUL season and is excited to see how much the Sydney Suns can grow from their 2018 AUL silver medal finish. She has selected a great blend of experience, skills and athleticism for the Sydney Suns and hopes to ignite passion in the team and help players develop into the best they can be. Kylie has previously coached the Sydney Suns, Australian Women’s team and several Sydney-based women’s and  university teams.

Owen Shepherd
Owen is eager to coach the best players in Australia in the fast, free-flowing six-a-side format of the AUL. He expects the Sydney Suns to be entertaining to watch with its great blend of experience, skill and athleticism. Owen is a former coach of a Sydney Men’s team, Bench Ultimate, Monash University and Sydney University and former Australian-representative player.