With two rounds left of AUL 2019 the equation becomes simple for Perth and Canberra this week – perform or perish.

While Sydney has streaked ahead to the top of the ladder, all five other teams remain in the hunt for a grand final berth.

Despite both winning one match and losing two this season season, Perth sit third on the ladder while Canberra is last because they have won less sets.

Canberra co-coach Lorna Barr knows an improved defensive mindset is needed this week against Perth


Freeze co-coach Lorna Barr knows another capitulation will spell doom for Canberra’s season.

“The Freeze cannot afford another three set loss,” she said.

“A win here is crucial to keep us in contention for the final.”

While Canberra lost all three sets to the Brisbane Breakers last round, Barr said there were lessons they could use to counter-punch against Perth.

“Brisbane showed us how efficient they can be on offence in the last round,” she said.

“To beat Perth we need to make some adjustments to our defence and just keep possession when we have the disc.”

But Canberra will not strike a complacent Perth Power, who are just as hungry to keep their post-season ambitions alive.

“To secure our chances of making the final it is really important that we win this week against Canberra,” Perth’s Annie Jessop said.

“It is still really close between the bottom five teams so getting those championships points is more important than ever.”

Jessop agreed that defence would likely be the difference between the two teams in this match and said it was vital they locked down the Freeze.

“On defense it will be really important to get our match ups right,” she said.

“We have some really strong defenders that are more than capable of defending players out of the game and I think if we use them right and focus more on playing our style of offense, we will come away with the win.”

Caro: Perth 2-1
Matt: Perth 2-1
Simar: Perth 2-1