Perth will need a big win over Adelaide to qualify for the AUL grand final, but don’t expect the Dragons to just hand it to them.

The final round of the AUL has plenty on the line, with Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth all vying for the last grand final berth and the right to play the Sydney Suns.

Perth currently sits in third place on the ladder and comes up against an Adelaide side sitting last on just one win for the season.

But the Dragons have been hugely impressive in 2019, dramatically improving their form line from last season and perhaps unlucky not to sit higher on the ladder.

Adelaide will be desperate to avoid the wooden spoon for the second consecutive year and a win over Perth – or even a championship point for taking a set – could see them finish over the top of Canberra.

How this match impacts the final

This is do or die for Perth who simply must win to have any chance of reaching the decider.

A 3-0, straight sets victory would guarantee them a place in the grand final as they beat Brisbane earlier in the season and would finish above them if they both ended the regular season on 12 championship points.

A 2-1 victory might be enough, but then Perth would be relying on Melbourne to beat Brisbane.

If Perth lose, however, Brisbane and Melbourne’s match would decide who takes the final place in the grand final.

The players to watch

Di Worman: 7 goals, 5 assists, 1 block

Simone Ryan: six goals, 3 blocks, 3 assists

Aaron Neal: 16 assists, 4 goals, 4 blocks
Peter Eley: 13 blocks, 4 assists, 6 goals

Caro: Perth 2-1
Matt: Perth 2-1
Pete: Perth 3-0