Ava Mueller is not giving up the faith and neither are her Brisbane Breakers teammates as they prepare to take on Canberra in AUL round three.

The Breakers were swept by Perth in their opening match before losing a hard-fought slog against losing to Sydney in round two, leaving their championship ambitions in tatters.

While Brisbane has a huge job ahead of them to reach the AUL grand final, Mueller said every Breaker was confident they could do it – starting with Canberra this week.

“We are still confident that we can reach the final,” she proclaimed.

“Our connections have been established now and if we bring what we’ve learnt from the last games I think we are well in the running.”

The Breakers were courageous in defeat against the competition favourites Sydney last week and Mueller said the lessons learned there would put them in good stead this week.

“I think from the Sydney game we learnt that our offence looked much easier and more effective when we moved the disc quickly,” she said.

“Unforced errors often occurred as a result of us being stuck in the same position and cramming something out.

“For our next game against Canberra we will look to bring bring these quick disc skills, while also recognising and defending accordingly.”

Canberra are coming off a win against Adelaide and cutter Cath O’Neill said there were plenty of positives to show the Freeze are building into the season.

“We really started to see some connections forming on offence,” she said.

“When it was clicking we had great flow moving the disc up the field. There were great moments of patience, waiting for the right option.

“We’ll need to keep this up in the Brisbane game despite possibly increased defensive pressure from the Breakers.

“Putting our offensive points in will only be the first challenge in our game. Upping our own defensive pressure to generate blocks will be vital as I wouldn’t expect Brisbane to give up the disc as easily as Adelaide.”

O’Neill said it was the female contingent at Brisbane that presented the greatest threat.

“Brisbane have some seriously talented female handlers (Lyra Meehan, Kat Smith and Ava Muller) which we’ll need to shut down effectively,” she said.

“If not, they definitely aren’t short on big bodies in the end zone that will comfortably pull the disc down.”

Caro: Brisbane 3-0
Matt: Canberra 2-1
Tom: Brisbane 2-1