The Adelaide Dragons take on the Sydney Suns tonight, looking to open their account for the AUL season.

Adelaide are sitting just above Perth on the ladder due to percentage, but will be wanting to rise the ranks with a big win tonight.

Sydney rebounded from their disappointing opening loss by beating the Perth Power, 13-8. The Suns played through key throwers Mark Evans and Tom Tulett, and it will be important to shut them down. The pair’s aggressive throws were somewhat unstoppable against Perth, and Evans is among the League leaders when it comes to assists.

And the throwers have plenty of strong targets to pick out. Peter Blakely and Mike Nield will be Colony connections the boys are looking for, and Bec Carman, Sarah Wentworth and Dani Alexander are all decorated receivers that will be hard to stop.

They are a very experienced team, and this will be a tough ask for the Dragons. But if they can play to their strengths and get it going on defensive, there’s a chance they can pick up their first victory.

Despite being winless, Sally Yu and Loughlin Murphy are tied second for goals so far this season, both sitting on six. Joel Pillar-Rogers is the league leader with assists, while Jonathan Warren-White is sixth place, with six.

Despite this dominating on the attacking statistics, it hasn’t been enough for the Dragons to secure a win.

Against Melbourne, Loughlin Murphy was again a solid target deep, providing options that either ended in goals or made a lot of ground. Adelaide needs to make use of his skills again.

Every game matters, but with three rounds remaining, this is game is crucial for Adelaide’s post-season chances. Granted, their two losses came against the two teams that are still undefeated, so maybe it’s just unlucky scheduling.

This is an absolute must-win for the Dragons. Tune in 7pm on the AUL Facebook page to see it all play out.


Written by: Chris Dastoor

Photography: Mark Milne