The winless Adelaide Dragons take on the Canberra Freeze in the final round of the inaugural Australian Ultimate League season.

While all the focus will be on the Brisbane/Sydney match-up (with Melbourne having secured their grand final spot), this game has serious implications for Adelaide’s season, as it’s their last chance to pick up a win.

Canberra had a positive start to the campaign with a 13-9 win over Perth Power. However, they’ve dropped all three matches since then.

With Perth having secured their first win against Adelaide in the last round with a big 13-6 victory, this has left the Dragons as the only winless team. It’s up to Adelaide to capitalise on Canberra’s struggles.

Canberra has veteran experience in Jonno Holmes and Matt Dowle: both have played multiple campaigns with the Aussie Dingoes and the Crocs in the past. They may be a bit older, but they continue to put up strong performances on the field. Holmes leads the league in blocks with eight, with Dowle right behind on seven, and Troy Stevenson on six.

Hannah Monty and Kim Spragg are two up and coming women to watch out for ,and it will be interesting to see how the Dragon’s deal with them. Monty is the team’s leading scorer, tied in ninth spot on the League ladder with six goals.

It will be an evenly matched game, Adelaide’s challenge is to convert the score when they get blocks, and play the clinical offense we saw from them in the first couple of rounds.

Joel Pillar-Rogers currently leads the league in assists, while Sally Yu and Loughlin Murphy are tied fourth place for goals. All three have the opportunity to finish top of their respective leaderboards.

This is the last chance to for Adelaide to get a win and take something out of the inaugural Australian Ultimate League season. Otherwise, it’s a long off-season ahead.


Written by: Chris Dastoor

Photography: Mark Milne