There will be more than redemption on the line when Melbourne and Sydney clash in the rematch of the 2018 AUL grand final.

The Sydney Suns are comfortably perched at the top of the AUL ladder after going undefeated in the opening three rounds.

They will enter their clash against Melbourne confident of turning the tables on the result of last year’s decider, won by the Flames.

Both sides have plenty of chemistry with Sydney boasting a host of players from local club Colony while the connection between the Ellipsis players at the Flames makes them a threat as well.

Alex Ladomatos said building on that chemistry had been a focus for Sydney this season.

“We’re working super hard at building chemistry over a short season,” he said.

“We also keep pushing each other and motivating each other to dig a little deeper and to raise our level of play.

“It’s been really positive and encouraging so far and I think that energy pays dividends.”

While Melbourne fell to a shock loss against Adelaide last week, Ladomatos knows their own chemistry means they will be a large threat this week.

“I think Melbourne has a lot of chemistry and a lot of their players have a lot of experience playing with each other,” he said.

“I also think Melbourne will let it rip so I think the two keys are getting in the contest and making it hard every time a huck goes up and then really valuing the disc on offence.

“I think they’ll give us chances, we’ve got to not let them have it back easy.”

This match will also see Melbourne coming up against their former teammate Tom Rogacki, who defected to the Suns for the 2019 season.

But while Rogacki will be a threat, Melbourne’s Lochlan Wise warned that the Suns’ female contingent could cut them apart if they were not contained.

“Sydney’s picked some especially strong women in Kya Wiya and Holly Reeve who will be coming with some extra pizzazz fresh off an Australian U24’s campaign.

“Coaches Greta Murdoch and Cheok Funn Lee really want us to limit the impact of Sydney’s new additions.

“It’ll be interesting to see which of the Flames girls are most eager to put up a Davis Medal performance (in stopping Sydney’s women players).”

There was another player swap between the two clubs in the off-season, with Australian international player Tom Tullett joining the Flames from Sydney.

Unfortunately he was injured before the season started, replaced by Andrew See who Ladomatos identified as a major threat in this match up.

“I think Andrew See is a great handler/guarder so it will be great to have to work against him,” he said.

Wise is coming off a match to forget against Adelaide, where two key drops left goals begging and handed the disc over to the Dragons.

He is not kicking stones about that, though, and is looking forward to rebounding against Sydney.

“The only thing better than getting inside the head of an ex-teammate is a goal,” he said.

“We have a great team so nothing special will be required personally, I’ll just try to get my teammates into positions where their strengths can shine.”

Caro: Sydney 3-0
Matt: Sydney 3-0
Simar: Melbourne 3-0