Simar Dhaliwal has been a revelation for the Melbourne Flames and the AUL this season and here are her grand final predictions.

The 22-year-old is relatively new to the game and joined the Flames this season. Dhaliwal had a huge influence on the field, even battling through an injury to unleash a stellar performance.

Dhaliwal was also impressive off the field, emerging as a real personality of the AUL and guest star on the weekly Best Perspective that wraps up all things AUL.

When quizzed on who she thought would win the grand final between the Sydney Suns and the Brisbane Breakers, though, Dhaliwal said it was a hard call to make.

“The depth and talent in both teams are amazing, which makes it hard to predict who could possibly take out the win,” she said.

Here is her breakdown on how each side could claim the title.

How Sydney can win the competition

“I think the Suns have had a good ride to the finals with consistent wins and have been almost unstoppable in the league,” Dhaliwal said.

“They have excellent defenders who I think can shut down Breakers’ big throwers, very experienced receivers and players who have established good connections with each other on field.”

“The Suns will be out to win, especially after a loss to the Flames in the grand final last year – they will be wanting it even more this year.”

“I’m excited to watch the young gun players like Ava Mueller, Kya Wiya and Holly Reeve do some big plays. It’s going to be a monster of a game.”

How Brisbane can cause the upset

“The Breakers roster is looking strong despite the last minute roster changes,” Dhaliwal said.

“These disruptions may affect their connections and player roles on the field.”

“However the players on this team are very adaptable and I’m sure they will be coming into the final feeling prepared and with a team plan.

“I’d expect Becca Ziegman to be a star receiver for the Breakers.”