A near-perfect AUL season has positioned the Sydney Suns as raging favourites against the Brisbane Breakers, but many still remember the pain of the last grand final.

One of those is co-coach Kylie O’Brien who remembers when the Suns were outright favourites in 2018, only to lose to the Melbourne Flames in the regular season and again in the grand final.

“Last season we were the favourites at one point” she said.

“Then we had two losses to Melbourne including the big one, the final, the one that counted.”

“I think it is justifiable that the Suns are the favourites again, I just don’t think it means anything.”

Could a loss of momentum cost the Suns?

Sydney was clinical in slicing its way through the AUL regular season, winning all five of its round-robin matches, only surrendering a single set out of fifteen.

But O’Brien said the long gap between the end of the regular season and the final had the potential to take away some of that momentum.

“I definitely would have rather carried the momentum straight into the final,” she said.

“We were playing really well throughout the season and built really good connections.

“Even though the vast majority of our players are based in Sydney, we have some NSW players who will be coming from Wollongong and the Central Coast, not to mention Tom Rogacki, who is based in Melbourne.”

“That makes it a little bit harder to keep the momentum going, having that break between the end of the season and the final.”

Clean bill of health for the Sydney Suns

While the Brisbane Breakers lost three critical players for the grand final (John McNaughton, Dom Simpson and Brett Matzuka), Sydney are likely to line up at full strength.

Sarah Wentworth is battling a calf tweak, but is expect to take her place in a full-strength Suns roster.

“At this stage we have all players on deck which is exciting,” O’Brien said.

“Having the season together to establish those connections, I think that will be really valuable for the final.”

The Australian Ultimate League grand final will be taking place between the Sydney Suns and Brisbane Breakers on October 12, 2019 at Leichhardt Oval, Sydney.

You can secure your place by purchasing tickets here.