The recent win against the Perth Power should give the Suns confidence as they look to fell the Adelaide Dragons in round three.

Last game, the Suns demonstrated the depth of their handlers, who threw in the dangerous wind with relative ease. This game, it’s time to demonstrate the depth of their downfield players.

Rosie Dawson is the league’s fourth highest goal scorer, having scored five goals so far. Mark Evans has eight assists, putting him in third place for most assists in the league. Peter Blakeley isn’t far behind them, with four goals and five assists to his name.

But if Ultimate was just a numbers game then the Adelaide Dragons should be at the top of the AUL ladder.

Sally Yu and Loughlin Murphy have scored six points each, making them equal second for most goals scored. Joel Pillar-Rogers leads the league in assists with ten, and Jonothan Warren-White has six.

Anyone who happens to have all four of these players on their fantasy team may have hit the jackpot, but for the Suns, they show a weakness. The Dragons are heavily reliant on these four players.

Adelaide have scored a total of eighteen points. Yu and Murphy combined have scored two-thirds of the these, while Pillar-Rogers and Warren-White together have assisted 89% of them. Shutting down these players will be key to victory. With Sydney’s height and athleticism, a gender match defense should suffice in containing Adelaide’s threats.

Against Perth in round 2, coach Yew Eng Ng placed a focus on forcing Perth to play through their secondary players and making them run deep. The same approach may be the sword that slays the Dragons. It’s definitely something the Suns are comfortable playing, but perhaps Sydney will take this opportunity to experiment with their defense.

Either way, the Suns are favourites in this match and they will, undoubtedly, live up to the expectation. Tune in at the AUL Facebook page tonight at 7pm for all the action.


Written by: Michael Vo

Photography: Mark Milne