The Adelaide Dragons went down 13-5 to Sydney last night, as the search for their first win proved unsuccessful.

This was the lowest scoring performance by Adelaide so far, leaving many orange and white fans disappointed.

It was pretty much the opposite of the Dragon’s last game. Offensively, it wasn’t gelling very well and there were a lot more turnovers. Poor shot choices were made in another windy round of the AUL, and execution errors didn’t help either. Defensively, though they got turns thanks to the wind and big plays, Adelaide never really looked like converting for a break.

Brett Middleton’s defence has been a mainstay for the Dragons. He’s been able to shut down some of the top receivers in the League, and last night was no exception. One of the highlights for Adelaide was Middleton’s sweet as turning block on a Mike Neild deep cut. His block-getting ability continues to be an asset for the Dragons.

Middleton was not alone, as Shannon Bubb stepped up again. She was an immense deep target, scoring a few goals and taking some crucial grabs in the midfield. Loughlin Murphy was also a solid playmaker on the day, consistently coming up big and putting his body on the line. And Joel Pillar-Rogers continued to control the disc from the back, looking to take big shots.

The second half saw more rushed offence from the Dragons, and they were unable to convert any break opportunities. Sydney looked clinical and weren’t challenged by the wind, the confidence they’re playing with should send a warning to all the other teams in the competition.

Post-season is unlikely now for the Dragons and other results this round will make it official. All Adelaide can do to is salvage some respect against in their final games and plant seeds for the future.

Adelaide will play Perth next, who are likely to remain winless as well as they take on the undefeated Brisbane Breakers. If the Dragons can’t pick up a win next week, there will be a lot of pressure in the last round to snatch a win from Canberra.

The Dragons will take on Perth on the 3rd of October.


Written by: Chris Dastoor

Photography: Mark Milne