The Premium Memberships came with a one-in-ten chance of winning a team jersey. As there is only one day left to order your jerseys in time to have it for the opening round of AUL, it’s come time to announce the lucky winners. Congratulations to the following people and thanks for supporting the Australian Ultimate League.

  • Margy Pillar (Adelaide Dragons)
  • Jeremy Fitzgerald (Adelaide Dragons)
  • Andreas Huber (Brisbane Breakers)
  • Simon Hartley (Canberra Freeze)
  • John Greenfield (Melbourne Flames)
  • Max Wheeler (Melbourne Flames)
  • Jan Evans (Melbourne Flames)
  • Branda Lam (Perth Power)
  • Max Halden (Perth Power)
  • Michael Cummings (Sydney Suns)

If you’re one of the lucky winners you should have already received an email with instructions to get your jersey. If not, please contact us via email.