Ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, embracing athleticism from both women and men in a gender equitable team environment.

It is attracting new players and fans at an enormous rate in Australia and across the world, with its combination of skills from a range of sports including AFL, netball and gridiron.

There are over five million people playing the sport in the United States alone, with leagues in Europe, the United Kingdom and right here in Australia.

For all newcomers to the sport, here is your ultimate guide to the rules of the sport so you can cheer your favourite AUL side armed with all the knowledge you need.

The rules of Ultimate

Each side has their own endzone and the aim of the game is to progress the disc into your opposition’s endzone to score a goal.

Players cannot run with the disc, but they are allowed to pivot on one leg like in netball.

You have 10 seconds to dish off the disc or it is a turnover, with the defending player or marker making the count.

Defenders must stand a disc width away from the disc holder and it is a non contact sport.
It is also the only sport in the world with no referees, with the players officiating the match themselves.

This is all part of the spirit of the game, with quality sportsmanship prized as much as the end result.