After four rounds of intense AUL action, it all comes down to the final round of the competition.

Four of the six sides remain in contention for the grand final with some critical round five matchups.

Here is what your side needs to do to secure their place in the final:

Tie-breaker rules

The AUL will follow WFDF tie-breaker regulations to determine who finishes higher on the ladder if multiple teams finish on the same competition points.

If two teams are tied, then they will be split by who won the matchup between them during the regular season.

If this fails to determine a clear order in the event of a three or four-way tie, then goal difference from those regular-season matches between those teams will decide the order.

Sydney Suns

Rest easy, Sydney supporters – your Suns are home and hosed.

Four straight wins and 13 championship points mean Sydney cannot be denied a grand final berth in 2019.

It has been a dominant season and a just reward for the Suns.

Round 5 fixture: Sydney Suns v Canberra Freeze, Thursday

Brisbane Breakers

After opening the season with two losses, the Breakers have found their mojo.

Two big wins have Brisbane sitting in an unlikely second on the ladder, but they have to keep winning to hold on to their place in the big dance.

Brisbane will need to beat Melbourne to eliminate the Flames but will want to finish 3-0 (four championship points) to give them a chance of finishing ahead of Perth.

Perth beat Brisbane in the regular season and play the Adelaide Dragons in the final round. If both Brisbane and Perth finish equal with wins, Perth will advance. If Perth wins 2-1 (three championship points) and Brisbane wins 3-0  (four championship points), Brisbane will advance.

Round 5 fixture: Melbourne Flames v Brisbane Breakers, Saturday.

Perth Power

Perth presently sits on the same competition points as Brisbane and will advance to the final if that is the case at the end of round five.

That means Perth will be looking to beat Adelaide 3-0 (four championship points) which would guarantee them a place in the final.

If Perth beat Adelaide 2-1 (three championship points), they will be hoping Brisbane either loses to Melbourne or also wins 2-1.

Melbourne is on eight championship points, one behind Perth. But Melbourne beat Perth in their regular season match, so would finish ahead of Perth if they beat Brisbane 3-0 and Perth beats Adelaide 2-1.

Plenty of mathematical permutations, but ultimately a 3-0 win over Adelaide would get Perth over the line.

Round 5 fixture: Adelaide Dragons v Perth Power, Friday

Melbourne Flames

Two straight losses have put the brakes on the Flames’ ambitions of going back-to-back as champions.

But all hope is not lost for Melbourne, who can mathematically still make the top two.

They need to beat Brisbane 3-0 (four championship points) in their final round match to finish on 11 competition points. Then the Flames will need Perth to either lose to Adelaide or only win 2-1 (three championship points).

If the latter happens, both Perth and Melbourne will finish on 11 competition points but the Flames will advance because they beat Perth in round two.

Round 5 fixture: Melbourne Flames v Brisbane Breakers, Saturday

Canberra Freeze, Adelaide Dragons

Unfortunately, the season is over for both of these sides, although Adelaide can play spoiler to Perth’s championship ambitions.