The Perth Power will be hoping to improve in 2019 after a solid start in 2018. The Power have players capable of extremely quick disc movement and will be looking to utilise their speed take down their opposition.

The female Power athletes are fast and very capable throwers. The sole returning Perth Power female from 2018, Ellie Murray-Yong, will be key to the success of the Power. She is joined by 2018 AUL players Eunice Cheung from the Sydney Suns and Ash McInnes from the Brisbane Breakers.

Peter Eley, Alex Gan, Monte Masarei and Alex Shepherd are all back in 2019 with the Perth Power. Expect these players to move the disc quickly down the field and to attack the deep space at any time. Timocles Copland joins the Power from the Brisbane Breakers and adds some needed height to the line up.

Joining the Power as new players in 2019 are Ali Lim, Annie Jessop, Simone Ryan, and Kyal Oh – all Perth local players (except Ryan who has relocated to Sydney).

The Perth athletes are well rounded and their skill sets complement each other nicely. Led by coaches Viv Yuen and Max Halden, this team will be very exciting to watch.

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September 20, 2019
AUL Stadium