The Draft

  • Over 130 players applied for the draft.
  • Only 24 will be picked (12 women & 12 men).

The coaches have been scouting these draft hopefuls at various tournaments over the last month. Working out who will fit into their teams, and who will still be available when it comes to their pick is not an easy task. Who would you take with your first pick?

You can have a look at the list here.

Draft Order

How was it decided?
Each player selected in the initial teams (5 women & 5 men) were given a ranking score based on their highest level of competition, and how recently they played at that level. The ranking scores were then tallied for each team (separately for each gender), and the Draft selection order was decided based on each team’s total ranking.


  1. Adelaide
  2. Brisbane
  3. Perth
  4. Perth
  5. Brisbane
  6. Adelaide
  7. Canberra
  8. Sydney
  9. Melbourne
  10. Melbourne
  11. Sydney
  12. Canberra


  1. Perth
  2. Adelaide
  3. Canberra
  4. Canberra
  5. Adelaide
  6. Perth
  7. Brisbane
  8. Brisbane
  9. Melbourne
  10. Sydney
  11. Sydney
  12. Melbourne