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2018 Runners Up, the Sydney  Suns, are again one of the favourites in the league. The team possesses many great players from 2018, and have added Tom Rogacki from the Melbourne Flames to their 2019 roster.

The male athletes on the team are tall and fast. 2018 player Mark Evans will be joined by Alex Ladomatos, David Andrews, Mark Wee and Ash Evans. These Sydney locals are teammates with Colony.

Again in 2019, the women feature some of Australia’s best receivers. Dani Alexander, Rosie Dawson and Sarah Wentworth are returning in 2019 and have been joined by new players Sarah Perkins, Holly Reeve and Kya Wiya.

The Suns are being coached by Kylie O’Brien and Owen Shepherd, who both have a great knowledge of the players and are sure to get the most out of the team.

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October 13, 2018
AUL Stadium