The Teams

The six teams have been decided. Names, colours, coaches and marquee player are all locked in.

  • Adelaide Dragons (Orange)
  • Brisbane Breakers (Blue)
  • Canberra Freeze (Green)
  • Melbourne Flames (Red)
  • Sydney Suns (Purple)
  • Perth Power (Yellow)

Scroll down to see who the coaches and marquee players are for each team.


Coaches: Bree Edgar & Matt Heard
Marquee Players: Mish Phillips & Joel Pillar-Rogers


Coaches: Sandra Poon & Lee Baker
Marquee Players: Kat Smith & Myles Mccallum


Coaches: Liz de Hoog & Chris Stephens
Marquee Players: Kim Spragg & Jonno Holmes


Coaches: Anna Rogacki & Cheok Funn Lee
Marquee Players: Cat Phillips & Seb Barr


Coaches: Kylie O’Brien & Yew Eng Ng
Marquee Players: Rosie Dawson & Peter Blakeley


Coaches: Sarah Brereton & Dan Rule
Marquee Players: Ellie Murray-Yong & Peter Eley